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The following picks are for your deep thinking part of the mind. Read, think and kindle your gray matter.

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"It is funny expression from the editor saying "it will be hard to find a friend type - "Dharmatma" nowadays.

Hope the editor (he/she) will find one in his/her lifetime soon.

It would be nice if you would have provided
the dates in the magazine International friendship day as August 5th And Women's friendship day as September 23rd"

Thought for the month!

Hold the hand of the person you love ...


A Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, 'Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river.'

The little girl said, 'No, Dad. You hold my hand.'

'What's the difference?' asked the puzzled father.

'There's a big difference,' replied the little girl.

'If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go but if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.'

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.

So hold the hand of the person you love rather than expecting them to hold yours.

This message is too short......but carries a lot of Feelings

Trust and Respect cannot be purchased or acquired.They can only be Earned or nurtured ..

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