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100 years of Bollywood Cinema!

Time to check your facts!

66th Cannes Film Festival celebrated the 100 years of Indian Cinema this month. Indian cinema is always known for its escapist theme with vibrant colors and foot-tapping dances. The movie 'Indra Sabha' had 71 songs, the highest for any movie. Indian cinemas are usually 3 hours long with a break (interval) in the middle. 'LOC:Kargil' is the longest Bollywood movie lasting 4 hours and 25 minutes. In addition to UK and USA, the Indian cinemas are very popular in other Asian and African countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE and South Africa. Despite its popularity, Indian cinema has very little to show against Academic recognition awards like Cannes, BAFTA or Oscar. Indian cinema artists have secured only 4 Oscar awards over a period of 100 years.

Are you a movie buff? How well you do know about Bollywood cinema? Give a try!

'Raja Harishchandra', the first silent Indian movie released on 5 May 1913 by Dada Saheb Phalke

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Which was the first talking movie released in Bollywood?

a. Raja Harishchandra
b. Alam Ara
c. Kisan Kanya
d. Neecha Nagar


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When was the term 'Bollywood' coined? Why?
Optional: What is the formal name for 'Bollywood' cinema?

a. 1950, as they copied the term Hollywood to sound westernized.
b. 1960, as they started colloborating with Hollywood technically and financially.
c. 1970, when Indian cinema overtook Hollywood as the major film producer.
d. 1980, when Hollywood needed a term to identify Indian cinema

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India has 1.2 billion population. What percentage of this population are known to watch movies in theater?

a. 25%, 300 million
b. 20%, 240 million
c. 10%, 120 million
d. 4%, 45+ million


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Even though Bollywood is the most popular Indian cinema outside the world, India also produces maximum number of high quality regional language movies in the world. How many regional Indian languages make movies for their own audiences?

a. 18
b. 20
c. 22
d. 24



Indian cinemas are known for its spicy mixed masalas - a mixture of singing, dancing, romance, comedy and action. The origin of this song and story style is known to have taken its roots from Oprah. But why was the heros and heroins were dancing around trees whenever there is a duet song?

a. Choreography was not that popular in olden days.
b. Not enough budget was allocated for songs in olden days.
c. Heros and Heroins did not know how to dance.
d. Songs usually take more days to shoot, so want to cut short the time by filming it simple.