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Baldness: Not a subject for joke any more!

Does baldness indicates the risk for heart disease?


Baldness has always been linked to aging and loss of charm so far, but can it become a risk factor/marker for coronary heart disease (CHD)? That is what the recent research study suggests, which was published in the online journal BMJ Open.

Japan researchers have examined previous six studies from Europe and America that were carried out on almost 37,000 men for 11 years and among those five studies have confirmed the link between baldness and CHD. Data reveal 32% of the men who are bald go on to develop heart disease compared to their fully-haired counterparts; bald men less than 55-60 years are 44% more risky and younger bald men are 84% risky. This is true only for crown hair loss (vertex baldness) and not true for frontal receding hairlines. They say only vertex baldness is associated with systemic atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

The lead author Dr. Tomohide Yamada of the University of Tokyo has advised that men experiencing hair loss should therefore focus on a healthy lifestyle.

The reason for the link between baldness and CHD is quite unclear, but the authors suggest that hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, which are considered known risk factors for heart disease may affect both conditions, and that baldness may be a marker of atherosclerosis. There are some previous studies wherein baldness has been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Some doctors do believe that increased sensitivity to male hormones, insulin resistance and inflammation of blood vessels affect the heart and hair in common.

Doireann Maddock, a senior nurse at the British Heart Foundation says, to avoid CHD, it is better to take care of the waistline rather than hairline.

David Spiegelhalter, a professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University is also skeptical about the claim that different degree of baldness can give raise to varied heart diseases.

Patrick Wolfe, a statistics professor at the University College, London says that the study, however, has shown that there is an increased relative risk of CHD among two equally fit individuals where one is bald and other is not, though other factors such as family history needs to be taken into consideration.

Bottom line: it is too premature to confirm the finding with just six studies and as of now it is not worthwhile to worry about your baldness and lose more hair!

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Why bald eagle is bald?


Little Billy was eating his breakfast and was thinking about things.
He asked his mom, "Mommy, why does bald eagle have so few hairs on his head?".
Taken aback, his mom answered cleverly saying, "May be it thinks a lot and hence lost its hair".
Billy, after a puase asked, "So, why are you having lot of hair?"

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