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World Songs Jukebox: Around the World (Latin America, South Korea, Europe ...)!

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the IndUS Network picks and recommends songs based on musical composition, lyric quality, appropriateness of the album cover image and appropriateness of the video picturization (if a You tube link is provided). Few songs are not included from the recommended video list due to their unavailability or due to further screening. However, few additional songs are included which failed our video criteria but met audio, lyric and cover image criteria. Enjoy a clean music time!

Oh Boy! An amazing jelly!

This spectacular, beautiful but venemous jelly was sighted many times near Netherlands before it was captured in 2008. A competition was organized to name this beautiful species. Among the 300 entries which were submitted guess which won - "Oh Boy!". The name was suggested by a high school biology teacher Lisa Peck as she felt that it would be the first reaction of someone who will look at this species. The species is officially named as "Tomoya ohboya"!


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