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The following picks are for your deep thinking part of the mind. Read, think and kindle your gray matter.

A tribute to Tendulkar: Your true critics !


"Why did you get out to such a silly shot?"

- Anjali Tendulkar chides her record-breaking husband for a poor stroke.

Thought for the month!

Moon and cold weather!


Once upon a time, there lived two friends in the shade of a rock. It would sound strange, but one of them was a lion and the other was a tiger. They were friends since their childhood. They knew each other from the time, when they were too small to understand the difference between the lions and the tigers. Thus, their friendship was not at all strange to them.

After few years, when they have become older, they got into an argument regarding how the cold weather is formed. The Tiger said,” It is a well known fact that cold comes when the moon decreases from full to new”. But, the Lion opined, “No. That is incorrect. In fact, the cold comes when the moon increases from new to full". The argument continued and their disagreement became stronger and stronger between them. They really started disliking each other.

At this time, a wise monk was passing by the area. In order to put an end to the disagreement both decided to clarify the question with the old man. The monk on hearing their question burst into laughter. "Look my dear friends, it can be cold in any phase of the moon. Moon has nothing to do with the cold, it is the wind which brings in the cold. So, both of you were incorrect in your conclusion."

The monk also said,"See, both of you are sharing a very good relationship from your childhood and as you grow older you should ensure that worldly observation and understanding are not separating you."

The Lion and the Tiger understood the message of the wise monk. They thanked him for the kind suggestion given by him. Both of them lived happily thereafter as good friends.

Opinion comes and opinion goes but a broken friendship cannot be repaired. So preserve your friendship at any cost!

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