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The Curse !

from Hindu Mythology


Help for readers new to Hinduism: Shown on the right the family picture of Lord Shiva From left to right: Ganapathi (Shiva and Parvathi's elder son who has a elephant face and big tummy), Shiva (who is adorned by moon, snake and ganges river from his head), Parvathi (Shiva's wife also known as Uma, Durga), Karthikeyan (Shiva and Parvathi's younger son also known as Murugan, Shanmugam). This story is about Ganapathi,( Shiva and Parvathi's elder son ) and the moon which is adorning Shiva's hair.

Once Ganpathi (son of Lord Shiva) wanted to do namaskarams (get blessings from) to his parents. So, he went to Kailash (his parent's home). He tried to do namaskaram in fornt of his parents. But due to his huge tummy , when his head touched the floor , body lifted up and when his body touched the floor the head lifted up. It was really funny.

Moon residing in Shiv's head, started laughing uncontrollably. Parvathi being a mother got very angry with moon and cursed the moon on that day. She declared that let the whole world plunge into darkness without a moon and whoever sees the moon on that night will get punished for the things for which they are not responsible.

Moon realized her mistake and got worried. So it pleaded to Shiva and Parvathi that all living beings in the whole earth enjoy the beauty of moon. So Shiva requested Parvathi to find out a way to overcome the curse. After deep thought Parvathi said that she cannot remove the curse from the world plunging into darkness however she can limit that to once in a year. Also she cannot remove the curse on any one seeing the moon on the eventful day but can grant good things to occur for any one who will celebrate and worship Ganapathi on his birthday (Ganesh Chaturthi)!


Retold as in Hindu Mythology
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