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Many moons ago ...

every full moon had a name!

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Before the invention of the calendar, moon was the reference point for marking seasons and major life events. Many tribes had their own understanding of moon cycle. For some, it has 12 full moons and 4 seasons while for others 13 full moons and 5 seasons. In order to differentiate each full moon they came up with nick names such as Wolf Moon, Beaver Moon, Sturgeon moon and others. With the advent of Gregorian Calendar we have lost track of these moon names and we treat all full moons as same.

Now, here is an opportunity for you to travel backwards and guess what might be the Gregorian month name (January to December) for the moon name give below. Good luck!

Guess the Gregorian Calendar Month Full Moon Name Description
Wolf Moon
This full moon also known as 'Old Moon' is often howled at by Wolves. The scary ware wolf picture you often see represent this. Some native American tribes call this as 'Snow Moon' too!
Snow Moon
A full moon which coincides with heaviest snowfall. As hunting becomes difficult during this period, this moon is also known as 'Hunger Moon'.
Spring Moon
This full moon also known as 'Worm Moon' and 'Sap Moon' marks the beginning of spring with the re-emergence of worms and re-appearance of birds (especially Robin). This also marks the time when maple trees should be sapped.
Pink Moon
The first spring flower - moss pink or wild ground phlox - which is pink in color blooms around this full moon day. The other names for this moon are 'Sprouting Grass Moon', 'Egg Moon', and 'Fish Moon'.
Flower Moon
Flowers bloom during this month. The other names for this full moon are 'Corn Planting Moon' and 'Milk Moon'.
Strawberry Moon
This full moon denotes the harvest time for strawberries. Strawberries are fully ripened during this time. The other names for this full moon are 'Rose Moon' and 'Hot Moon'.
Thunder Moon
This month is known for frequent thunderstorms. This full moon is also known as 'Buck Moon' as Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time.
Sturgeon Moon
This moon hints that Sturgeon (fish) can be easily caught during this season. It is also known as 'Green Corn Moon'.
Harvest Moon
This full Moon marks the end of long daylights and reminds the period to harvest. Usually Barley, Corn, Pumpkins, Squash, and Wild rice are harvested during this period. This moon is also called as 'Barley Moon'.
Hunter's Moon
This full moon coincides with the fall season reminding the period to hunt and store for the upcoming winter season. This moon is also called 'Travel Moon' or 'Dyning Moon'.
Beaver Moon
This is the month when the native American tribes hunt beavers to get warm furs. This moon is also called as 'Frost Moon'.
Cold Moon
This month marks the commencement of winter with long and dark nights. This full Moon is also known as 'Long Nights Moon'.

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