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Nina Davuluri: Creating History

the first Indian American to be crowned as Miss America !

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On September 15, 2013 Davuluri created history when she was crowned as the 2014 Miss America. She ran with the platform "celebrating diversity through cultural competency," and mesmerized the audience with the Bollywood number "Dhoom Taana," from the Bollywood film, "Om Shanti Om". This is the first time when a Bollywood dance was performed at Miss America!

Even though Filipino American Angela Perez Baraquio was the first Asian American to win the 2001 Miss America crown, Davuluri's win marks the beginning of a big change occurring in Miss America's peagent. 2014 represented the first year when five Asian American's were competing for the crown. Out of the five, three reached top five and 2 reached the final.

Davuluri's win was received with lot of surprise and ample xenophobic (racist) comments. However, Davuluri is getting complete support from everyone who understand diversity and the changing face of America. Congratulations Ms.Davuluri, let your march begin!

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