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Survey results on American Cities, Towns and States

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Survey results on American cities, towns and states are being published all through the first part of the year. How much are you up to speed?

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Which is the most dangerous city in America?

a. Detroit, Michigan
b. Baltimore, Maryland
c. Oakland, California
d. Flint, Michigan


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In which American city are the average wages soaring?

a. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
b. Vero Beach, Florida
c. San Francisco-Oakland Mateo, California
d. Midland, Texas

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In which American city, are the average wages plummeting?

a. Atlantic City, New Jersey
b. Elizabethtown, Kentucky
c. Anniston-Oxford, Alabama
d. Rocky Mount, North Carolina


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Which state has the highest gas prices?

a. New York
b. Hawaii
c. Illinois
d. Alaska



Which state has the most dangerous bridges?

a. Pennsylvania
b. Massachusetts
c. Oklahoma
d. Rhode Island