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Don't dunk the Junk !

A refresher on Junk food ...

With the advent of summer, the travel season is kicking off. This is the time when eating outside will be at its peak and hence a quick refresher on your Junk food knowledge. For starters, let us define the definition on Junk Food. Junk Foods are any foods that are high in Calorie value but low in Nutritional value. The Junk foods can be a Frozen food, Pre-packaged food (like snacks), Fast food or even a food prepared at home. So, a junk food does not mean a fast food or a snack or a high fructose drink or a frozen food. What matters is the nutritional value!

With that definition give the following questions a try!

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Which of the following snack/supplements are junk food?

a. French Fries
b. Donuts, Cake, Pie
c. Ice cream
d. Chips, Nachos, Cheetos
e. Soda
f. Chocolate, Cookies


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Which of the following food menu is considered as junk food?

a. Pizza
b. Fried Chicken
c. Burgers
d. Chicken Nuggets
e. Pancakes
f. Kebabs


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While we focus on carbohydrates and saturated fat in food, we miss out another dangerous food ingredient which quietly exceeds the daily allowable value. Can you identify the ingredient?

a. Salt (DV:2400 mg)
b. Potassium (DV:3500 mg)
c. Chloride (DV:3400 mg)
d. Calcium (DV: 1000 mg)


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What are the effects of consuming junk food in addition to high sugar and high fat?

a. Energy level spikes (High and Low)
b. Weight gain
c. Insulin resistance
d. Depression



Do you recognize any of the following chemical ingredients?

a. Trans Fat
b. High Fructose Corn Syrup
c. MSG
d. Nitrite Salts