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And the 2011 "word of the year" is ...

Update your vocabulary !


As the civilization evolves, the language evolves along with it. In 2010, unfamiliar words like stop kill, top kill, static kill and bottom kill became popular. You can read our "2010 word of the year" coverage here. This year the common verb 'occupy' took a new avtar of its own with "Occupy Wall Street" movement. There was at least one Occupy "town name" movement organized across various US towns last year.

Now, check your awareness with 2011 words. Have fun!

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Which of the following acronymns found a place in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011?

a. OMG
b. WTH
c. LOL
d. FYI

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The following word was picked as the word of the year by Do you recognize?

a. tergiversate
b. zugzwang
c. insidious
d. occupy

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Which of the following word won the American Dialect Society's "Most useful word" of 2011.

a. humblebrag
c. bi-winning
d. twinkling

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Few of the overused words/phrases in 2011 based on Lake Superior State University poll. Did you use them too?

a. amazing
b. occupy
c. shared sacrifice
d. winning the future

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Do you know these new words which are floating around? Time to add to your vocabulary.

a. tiger mom, tiger mother
b. the 99 percenters, job creators
c. blow back
d. kardash
e. the new normal
f. ginormous