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Melanoma (Skin Cancer) is on the rise !

Are tanning beds to blame?


Researchers at Mayo clinic have observed a dramatic increase in skin cancer among young women between age 20 and 30. According to the study published in the April issue of "Mayo Clinic Proceedings" Melanoma is not a old women's disease any more. One possible explanation of this rise is attributed to the use of tanning , especially indoor tanning machine, among young women. Tanning is becoming a norm among teens before big events like porm or graduation. Staying away from tanning machine can save the skin.

Here is a video pick which provides some insight into this finding.

Watch the informational Video: Melanoma increasing in young women.

Watch the Video: Are tanning beds to blame?

Swimming is good for your figure.

"If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?"
- Unknown

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