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2012 XXX Olympiad @ London

Interesting facts you should know !


2012 Summer Olympics is set to begin this month at London. This will be the XXX Olympiad and its motto will be to "inspire a generation". Around 20,000 athletes from 200 nations are expected to compete for the coveted medal in 300 events. Billions of dollars have been spent to build new facilities and to improve existing facilities. An Olympic stadium to hold 80,000 spectators and 200 hectare Olympic park in East London are notable developments. The Summer Olympics will be followed by the Para-Olympics at the same venue.

In this brain tickler section, we have captured few interesting facts about this event. See whether you are up to speed with the happenings.

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Usually athletes competed for 28 sports in Summer Olympics. However, London will host only 26 sports. Which of the following sports were dropped for this event?

a. Karate and Squash
b. Baseball and Softball
c. Baseball and Cricket
d. Women's boxing and Beach Volley ball


2012 Olympics has put London in a rare record among the hosted venues. Do you know why?

a. London is the only venue to host Olympic 2 times
b. London is the only venue to host Olympic 3 times
c. London was the venue where first Olympic was hosted
d. London is the only venue to host both Summer and Winter Olympics

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UK's first Olympic champion Launceston Elliot who won the Single Hand Weightlifting Competition at the 1896 Athens Games was not born in Britain. Do you know where was he born?

a. Ireland
b. Scotland
c. France
d. India

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What are the mascots for 2012 Summer Olympics?

a. Two tiger cubs
b. Two polar bears
c. Drops of steel with cameras for eyes
d. Alpine Chamios

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Around 3200g of gold will be used to plate the medals that will be awarded to the winner at London Olympics. Before it was commercialized, what was really awarded as a prize to winners?

a. Wreath of Olive leaves
b. Cash award (500 drachamai or 100 drachamai)
c. Material prize such as valuable metal, tripods, cauldrons
d. Free meal till life