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Fashion trend for Spring

Hit the fashion runway with confidence !


'Spring' is around the corner. It is time to hang up heavy jackets and slip into nice, floral and colorful dresses. As you hit the store to shop, read about the latest trend brewing up for this year. Have fun shopping!

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Stripes are still hot !

Stripes which was popular last year, will continue this year too. Expect stripes in dresses, bags and even shoes. Moreover, black and white colors are taking center stage on runways. So, be ready for some stunning black and white combinations :-)


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Women Style: Wide leg pants, Laces, Leather and Peter pan collars!

Laces and Leathers are going to be mixed with the design. Wide leg pants and Peter pan collars are expected to take space on the retail chains!

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Gladstone bag is returning with a style for 2012!

Gladstone bag a.k.a doctor's bag which was used by doctors, carpenters, lawyers and other professionals during world war days is returning this year as stylish women accessory. Due to its size fashionists recommend to use this only with tight dresses and not when you are wearing an overflowing dress.

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Denim continues to evolve as a strong fashion world wide!

With the strong economic growth in India and China, denim is appealing the new economic class and is becoming a symbol of economic modernity in east. This new interest has now renewed the interest of the fashion designers. Expect new denim designs in your boutique shop.


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Men Style: Relaxed fit is going to add to the slim fit!

Expect relaxed pants, pleated pants, shoulderless jackets and other relax looking accessories to take the shelf space!

Hit the fashion runway with confidence!