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Tamil Movie review of the month: Dhoni


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Another much awaited movie but did not capture audience attention as expected. The reason could be the predictable story line and the open secret about the malaise in the educational system. If you are watching on the video, you won't loose to start from the intermission. Not a must movie to watch but will be an important movie to be aware. It may not be a surprise if it bags some awards. If you are watching with young viewers, be mindful of few disturbing sequences. You may need your remote by your side.

Rating:[2 Stars out of 5]
Theme: Malaise within educational system
Audience: Family audience but with guidance (PG) - Need to skip few disturbing sequences.

* Exploring an important theme.
* Good musical compositions.

* Slow screenplay in the first half.
* Predictable storyline.
* Problem in converting a short story into a full length movie.

Watch the Dhoni Song - Thavi Thavi ...

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