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Are you money savvy?

Show me your money !


Cattles are probably the first form of money. Cattle as money dates back to 9000 B.C. Even in the middle of 2oth century Cattles were used as money in parts of Africa. Interestingly, the first coin was shaped like a cattle in bronze which is dated back to 2000 B.C. Coins with their value imprinted on them were first produced in Lydia (present day Turkey) around 650 B.C. Around A.D. 806, the Chinese invented and briefly used paper currency, but the first consistent use of paper money was by the French in the 18th century. The Massachusetts Bay Colony issued the first paper money in America in 1690. The colonies would later form the United States.

Now, how money savvy you are? Give a go at the following questions and have fun!

IBNS Bank Note of the year 2008: Samoa 20 Tala
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Srilanka 1000 rupee note
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Which of the following cities do you think will be most expensive to live? Also, try ordering the cities based on your guessed cost of living.

a. New York, US
b. Tokyo, Japan
c. London, UK
d. Moscow, Russia
e. Sydney, Australia
f. Shanghai, China
g. Singapore, Singapore
h. New Delhi, India

Kazhakstan 10000 Tenge note
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Where do you think the most High Net Woth Individual millionaires (HNWI) are living? HNWI are Individuals who has more than a million dollar to invest.

a. North America
b. Latin America
c. Europe
d. Middle East
e. Africa
f. Asia-Pacific



Denmark 500 Kroner note
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In today's currency-less plastic card world very few countries take extreme pain to manufacture artistic currencies. International Bank Note Society (IBNS) organization, established in 1961, recognizes the best artistic currency of each year. Do you know which of the following currency won the Banknote of 2011 award? You can see the image of these notes on the left column.

a. Sri Lanka Rupees 1000 Note
b. Kazakhstan 10,000 Tenge Note
c. Denmark 500 Kroner Note
d. Canada 100 dollar Note
e. Tunisia's 20 Dinar Note



Canada 100 dollar note
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Which country did not have a currency of its own till 1974? Bartering was the only way to sell or exchange goods till 1974. Of course, why should a country follow any global norm if it is not beneficial to them?

a. Central African Republic
b. Bhutan
c. Democratic Republic of Congo
d. Liberia

Tunisia's 20 dinar note
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This country used another country's currency for a period before printing its own currency.

a. Bangladesh
b. Bhutan
c. Pakistan
d. East Germany