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"5-Hour Energy" drink

Does this have a lethal level of Caffeine?


Well, that is what the FDA is investigating right now. The “5-hour energy” is being investigated after some particularly striking 13 number of death filings in the past 4 years, all mentioning ‘5-hour energy’ as the potential cause! Besides these there have been 92 “adverse effect” filings and around 33 of them were quite serious life-threatening conditions like heart attacks and even one case of spontaneous abortion was reported. However, FDA has no concrete evidence against this energy drink.

Highly-caffeinated beverages are the fastest-growing type of soft drink at present. In this scenario, “5-hour energy” company refuses to disclose the caffeine content in this drink. Reports say this small 2-ounce can contains twice the caffeine content of an average cup of coffee and thrice that of a small “Red Bull” can. The “5-Hour Energy” also contains very high levels of certain B vitamins and a substance called taurine according to The New York Times report. While 11 of the 27 top-selling energy drinks in the U.S. don’t disclose how much caffeine is in their products, those who disclose also give underestimated numbers. “5-hour energy” product’s label says “not to be used by pregnant women or children under the "age of 12" and that consumers drink no more than two shots a day with several hours of spacing apart.

What more? Living Essentials LLC, the product distributors stand by their conviction saying “5-hour energy” is not the reason for the reported deaths or health problems and their product is safe when used as directed !

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