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Check your March Madness ...

How mad are you? Check yourself.


'March Madness' - a knock-out basketball tournament in which colleges of America compete to win the glory- is back and the madness is getting to everyone this time! People are filling out their brackets for their hopes to win the perfect bracket prize of a million dollars.

For the starters, the tournament starts out with 64 teams. Soon these teams get narrowed down to 'Sweet Sixteen' and then to "Elite Eight" and then to 'Final Four' which happens in a special host city. This year the 'Final Four' will happen in the grand city of New Orleans. Tune in for the Final Four in the first week of April.

If you are one of the 'March Madness' fan then it is time for you to take a madness test. Have fun playing!

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Which college has won the most NCAA Championships?

a. Duke
b. Harvard
c. Kentucky


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Which college did Michael Jordan play for?

a. Harvard
c. North Carolina
d. Duke

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Who won the NCAA championship last year?

a. UConn
b. Duke
c. Kansas
d. Harvard

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What are the odds of guessing an NCAA perfect bracket? For the starters, a perfect bracket is the ability to guess which team will win in each game and which will progress forward.

a. 20 to 1
b. 100,000 to1
c. 1,000,000 to 1
d. 1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1



Who created the term "March Madness" and in which year was it coined?

a. Henry V. Porter in 1939
b. Brent Musburger in 1982
c. Perry Router in 1975
d. John G Porter in 1956


Enjoy the frenzy !