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Tamil Movie review of the month: OKOK - It is just Okay, not double Okay!


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A surprise commercial hit this year. The movie marked the debut of Udayanidhi and completed a hat trick of hits for director M.Rajesh. The movie follows the formula of his previous two movies (Siva Mansule Sakthi (SMS), Boss (a) Baskaran) - a light hearted, villain-less, conversational comedy. If you don't understand the language, you will be wondering what is so funny to laugh. So, stay away or laugh at how your friends are laughing! The real strength of the movie is its songs, Santhanam's dialogue delivery and light hearted villainless storyline. Not a bad movie to watch but don't have high expectations. There are no disturbing sequences for the young viewers but the theme is targeted for teen+ audience.

Rating:[2 Stars out of 5]
Theme: Romantic Comedy
Audience: Family audience but with guidance (PG13) - Teen+

* Beautiful songs with supeb choreography. (Watch a song video in the Song picks and another one below)
* Light hearted humorous dialogues.

* Slightly slow screenplay. If you watch alone, you may doze off. Be mindful.
* Predictable storyline. If you had seen the director's previous two movies, you will observe a similar pattern.
* It gives a play (drama) feel except in songs.

Watch the OKOK Song - Akila Akila ...

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