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Funny Anagrams

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An anagram is a type of word play in which a word or phrase is formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The original letters should be used exactly once. For example, "Mother-in-Law" can be rearranged to "Woman Hitler".

The construction of anagrams is of great antiquity. Their invention is often ascribed without authority to the Jews, probably because the later Hebrew writers, particularly the Kabbalists, were fond of them, asserting that "secret mysteries are woven in the numbers of letters." Anagrams were known to the Greeks and Romans, although known Latin examples of words of more than one syllable are nearly all imperfect. They were popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and later, particularly in France, where a certain Thomas Billon was appointed "anagrammatist to the king."

The original word or phrase is known as the subject of the anagram. Someone who creates anagrams is called an anagrammatist.

In this brain tickler section, try some of the popular and funny anagram made out of the following subjects.

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Debit Card


Anagram: Bad Credit





Anagram: Go get oils!

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Snooze alarms



Anagram: Alas! no more Z's

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Anagram: Dirty Room !

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The Public Art Galleries



Anagram: Large Picture Halls, I Bet

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