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Talk like a Pirate!

The 5 As you must know ...

Pirates, not a great personality to emulate but fun to mimic. Movies and TV Shows like "Pirates of the Carribean" and "Sponge Bob Square Pants" made the pirates lingo popular and entertaining. September 19, is recognized as a national "Talk like a Pirate day". This year, President Barack Obama, made it more popular by tweeting a picture of himself talking with a pirate with an election message "Arr you in?" Time to try this yourself. Here is your primer. Good luck!

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Pronounciation a'hoy

Means: Hello in Pirate Lingo.
Means: Ahoy! How are you doing today?


Pronounciation a'vast

Means: Stop in Pirate Lingo.
Usage: Stop and pay attention.

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Pronounciation aI

Means: Yes in Pirate Lingo.
Usage: Do you like it? Aye!

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Aye, Aye!
Pronounciation aI,aI

Means Yes,Boss in Pirate Lingo.
Usage: Aye, Aye Captain! - Made famous by Spongebob Square pants episodes.

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Pronounciation: Arr (more like Arrgh but no 'gh' sound)

Means Sure, it is or I agree or I'm happy - More like emphasising a challenge.
Usage: Arrr! My team is going to win it all!


Here are few more vocabulary, if you would like to know:

Lubber: Some one who likes land more than Sea. This is a Sea man version of insulting any one who loves land.
Hornpipe: Musical instrument used by the sailors during their spirited dance.
Bilge rat: Bilge, is the lowest level of the ship which is slimy and a place for rat. Used to refer to some one who live alone and in a slimy way.
Bung hole: Food is generally stored in wooden caskets which is accessed through a hole. The hole is closed by a stopper and is called Bung. It is usual to say, "let us see what comes out of the bung hole today".
Grog: An alcoholic drink.
Booty: Treasure.

Yo, Ho Ho: Salutaion or Expression of delight.

Hope you had fun!