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Tamil Songs: Best of 2012 (Jun-Dec) !
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In the second part of this year Nee thane en pon vasantham, Kumki, Thupakki, Maatran albums lived up to expectations. The surprise packages were English Vinglish, Naan Ee, Mathil mel poonai, Konjam Koffee Konjam Kadhal and Leelai. We have also covered other good songs which did not get enough marketing budget. Enjoy our list of 10 video picks (from 40+ videos we reviewed) and 40+ audio picks (from 120+ audio we reviewed) for this month's theme! Click the "video" button to stream the 10+ videos continously. Listen to the audio picks from our Jukebox !

You can watch our Best of 2012 (Jan-Jun) video picks here!
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Album:Naan Ee
Song: Konjam Konjam...


Even though it is a dubbed movie from Telugu, it is hard not to be amazed at the way Maragathamani (Kirawani - Azhagan fame in Tamil) has transformed himself to the modern music. This one stands out on the way guitar is used.


Album:Neethane En Ponvasantham
Song: Ennodu va va endru ..

The most expected album of this year. Ilaiyaraja did not disappoint his followers. The instrumentation use is outstanding and most of the songs has come out well. But the songs still does not have an international flavor like ARR. Probably Ilaiyaraja will get it after few more tries like this.

Album: Kumki
Song:Aiyaiyaiyo Aanandhamae...

Excellent album of this year. Imman is proving that he is not a one-time wonder (Mynaa) but Prabhu solomon's input cannot be discounted. Nice songs with beautiful picturization. These songs will stay in minds for long!

Song: Alaikaa Laikaa ..

A decent album for a hit movie. 3 out of 5 is good. The songs are picturized very well by Santosh Sivan. Watch out soon for a Hindi remake of this movie. It is rumoured that Akhsay Kumar was offered this movie first before Vijay latched on to this.

Album:English Vinglish
Song:Ummachchi Ummachchi

Another dubbed movie but really stood out especially from an Indian-US context. Must watch for IndUS readers! It is available in Hindi and Tamil. Nice musical compositions and picturization. We have one here!

Song:Naani Koni...

Another big budget movie in 2012 but did not do well as expected. However, Harris has done his part well. 2 to 3 songs stand out well in this album. Our Jukebox contains the good ones.

Album: Sundharapandian
Song:Nenjukulla Nenjukulla...

Another hit movie for Sasikumar. A good movie to watch if you are looking for good movies. Listen to "Rekkai Mulaithen" song in our Jukebox which has a novel composition.

Song:Para Para….

Another movie which had big expectations as this director's previous movie fetched the national award. Verdict for this movie is yet to come in. This particular song "Para, Para ... " sounds new even though it has a resemblance to "Sara, Sara Sara pambu" !


Album: Pizza
Song:Raathiriyai aalum arasan…

A suprise hit movie of this year. This song sounds well along with the video than in audio. Enjoy the combo!

Song:Nadukadalula Kappala...

Unexpected hit of 2012. The movie has many folk (Gana) compositions. This one stands out among th e other. Unfortunately, this is lyric based and it will be easy to appreciate if you can understand the lyric.

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