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Yes. It happened in 2012 ...

Were you paying attention?


2012 was a eventful year of ups and downs. Now it's time to say goodbye and welcome 2013. Obama was re-elected president. Spain won Euro 2012. Gangnam Style is now the most watched video on YouTube. Facebook becomes public. Bond celebrates it's 50th anniversary.

Were you paying attention to the news this year? Time to find out.

Give a go at the following questions and have fun!

London Big Ben on 2012 New Year

Olympic Stadium London
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2012 saw the 30th Olympiad conducted in London UK. Who was crowned as the most decorated Olympian? He won a total of 22 Olympic medals.

A. Michael Phelps (Swimming)
B. Usain Bolt (Track)
C. Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics)
D. Ryan Lochte (Swimming)

Blue Ivy
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Jay Z and Beyonce (pop couple) tried to copyright the name of their baby earlier this year. What was the name of the baby?

a. Jay B
b. Blue Ivy
c. Shoniqua
d. Suri



La lIga players
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Gerd Muller, famous soccer player, scored 91 goals in a single season. He has held the record since 1971. Which soccer player broke the record this year?

a. Lionel Messi
b. David Beckham
c. Landon Donavan
d. Diego Maradona



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Which is the best-selling video game in 2012? (based on opening week sales)

a. Halo 4
b. Fifa 13
c. Call of Duty
d. Assasins Creed

Bo Xilai
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Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party boss of the Chinese city of Chongqing, was widely expected to become a major player in China's central government. Instead, he's in jail on multiple criminal charges related to what major scandal?

a. The sale of melamine-laced milk products that poisoned Chinese children
b. A suspicious Beijing car crash that killed the son of a senior party leader
c. Leaked videos of other Chinese Officials.
d. The murder of a British businessman by Bo's wife, Gu Kailai