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Women Leaders of the World

You should know them.

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Women have been ruling countries from ancient Mesopotamian days. The tradition continues in the modern democratic world too. Now, here is the challenge. The following five womens are great women leaders of their countires. Try whether you can identify them. Have fun.


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Widow of the former president, she was chosen as the presidential candidate for “Front for Victory” in 2007. She won the election with 22% lead over her nearest rival.


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A public policy graduate sworn in as the first female president of this country in May 2010.

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A former student leader who fought Brazil’s military dictatorship as a guerrilla during 1970s became and economist and a popular stateswomen under President Lula. In 2011 she became the 39th President of this country and the first woman to hold the office.


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Known for drafting the affirmative action rules within Labor party which set the target of preselecting women for 35% of winnable seats. In June 2010 she became the 27th and current prime minister of this country.


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Daughter of the founding father and first president of her country became the prime minister for the second time when her 4 party alliance won the elections in 2008.