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Preventive Health Screening for Women

Women's health

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On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, let us lay emphasis on Preventive Health Screening for women.

The basic idea of screening tests is to help the healthcare professional detect any health problem early, so as to make the treatment the most successful one.

With an awesome reproductive system that is undergoing continuous changes all through a woman’s life, and the hormones going up and down like a musical fountain, it is needless to say how important it is to monitor the happenings within and ensure that everything thus far is okay.

Often, the Women Preventive Health Screening campaigns are falling on deaf ears. The reason, women are comparatively endowed with a higher pain threshold, thanks to their pregnancy and childbirth events, so that they are capable of bearing their pain/discomforts/abnormalities until their health problems reach dangerous proportions. Also, even a trivial happening at home is good enough for a woman to put off her doctor’s appointment.

We can very well see that educated women are making no difference in this aspect.There is no use crying over spilt milk. So, when someone says “cancer is curable when detected early” take the words seriously.

Let us see some basic must-do screening tests.

It is recommended that almost all screening tests should begin as early as the age of 20 and the frequency of tests depends on the personal and family history.

1. Breast screening----Self exam, clinical exam, and mammograms when advised to detect cancer.
2. Pelvic exam------through the gynecologist, do periodical Pap smears to detect cervical cancer and watch for symptoms of endometrial/ovarian cancer and proceed for further testing when advised.
3. STD (Sexually transmitted diseases)----- screening-through the gynecologist as advised.
4. Bone Mineral Density exam ( BMD) ---- for women above 40 and is advised for specific conditions.
5. Colon cancer screening---Colonoscopy for women above 50, especially when advised.
6. Blood pressure/blood glucose/cholesterol----these are mandatory checks to be done yearly and further testing when advised.

Congrats if you are already aware of your health status, if not, do start right away. Don’t compromise your health for anything else, it is the most precious.

Watch the video on the latest research going on regarding “Women Health”.

Watch the Video: Research on Women Health

Watch Yale University's research on Women's health. You will be surprised to know that women were not participating as subjects in clinical research before 1990s. Informative video!

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