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Be thankful!

Learn to say 'thank you' in many languages ...

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"Be thankful" - It is what your parents and elders would have taught you.

But how would you handle the situation if one of your friend comes from a different culture? Play this quiz and learn to say thank you in some of the most popular world languages.

Now, there is no more excuse for you to not show your gratitude!

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What word does thank you derive from?

a. pancian
b. thankojan
c. danken
d. None of the above



Which country do you say "Obrigado" for thank you?

a. Turkey
b. Italy
c. Portugal
d. Spain

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Match the "thank you" to these languages: Spanish, Italian, German, and French?

a. Grazie
b. Danke
c. Gracias
d. Merci


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Match the "thank you" to these languages: Philippines, Russian, Hawaiian, and Portugal/Brazilian?

a. Mahalo
b. Obrigada
c. Spacibo
d. Salamat


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Match the "thank you" to these languages: Arabic/Hindi/Punjabi, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch?

a. Arigato
b. Xie Xie
c. Dank U
d. Shukria