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No more Stress

Stress management Poem

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We all face unpleasant situations in life when something is out-of-the-ordinary, or with things that demand our unusual physical and mental ability, or a sudden cause of any unfavorable event. All these create a pressure, tension, strain that is commonly called as Stress. The modern day living is generating so much stress that it has even necessitated the evolution of a "Stress Awareness Month" which is marked as April of each year and this month we are into the 19th year.. During this 30-day period, health care professionals and experts join hands to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of stress.

Let us deal with the “Stress” the “Poetical” way. Watch how this poem “No more stress” gives solutions to everyday stressors!

No more Stress

I had an obsession that stress was part-and-parcel of life,
but now I have learnt that stress can be parceled off in parts by practice.

I used to bury myself amidst the sheets of the newspaper first thing in the morning,
but now I have learnt that a morning jog or walk was more beneficial as it made me fresh and cheerful.

I had strongly suspected that people always conspired against me at office,
but now I have learnt to smile at them and get back their smiles.

I always shouted at my “dachshund” when he dashed into the house with his wet-muddy paws,
but now I have learnt to appreciate his art-work.

I got furious whenever my little daughter threw things all around the house,
but now I have learnt to enjoy her mischievous smile during her disorderliness.

I used to frown whenever my wife complained about my insufficiency at handling the kitchen,
but now I have learnt to be more skillful, since that was a stressor to her.

I used to curse the signals and the traffic cop for delaying my drive,
but now I have learnt to drive in peace by managing my time better.

I always got depressed when I thought about a departed dear one,
but now I have learnt to cry my heart out and remember only the pleasant things I shared with them.

I always worried about the undiagnosed health problem that I may have,
but now I have learnt that worrying itself is good enough a health problem,

I always got tense when I had to face a critical situation,
but now I have learnt to close my eyes and take ten deep breaths to keep my cool.

I was always pessimistic that deadlines were a “Distress,”
but now I have learnt to convert them into desirable challenges that could impart “Eustress.”

I had an obsession that stress was part-and-parcel of life,
but now I have learnt to react to it correctly; I have learnt to choose a soothing music, a pleasant perfume, or a healthy snack.

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Screech, Screech.. Out of Memory!

Reports say that Japanese, the inventors of Haiku form of poetry, were able to create interesting
Haikus to replace the impersonal computer error messages - especially Microsoft’s errors. Here are few scenarios which you would have experienced and would appreciate the error messages in Haiku form instead of the original form.

Scenario: You try to start a program which throws an "Out of Memory" error. (meaning the program needs more memory than your computer possess)
Replacement Error message in Haiku form:
Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky,
But we never will.

Screech! Screech! (This Onamatopoeia line is not part of the Haiku)

Disclaimer: The above content is provided for information and awareness purpose only. It is not prescriptive or suggestive or meant to replaces your qualified physician's advice or consultation.