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Five elements of nature and our body

Nature and Human body

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Five elements of Nature namely Air , Water, Earth, Space and Fire along with various other forces of nature sustain life and maintain equilibrium on our planet. Imbalance in any of these elements of nature lead to chaos.An invisible equation operates within and outside these five elements of nature to maintain the equilibrium on this planet. Interestingly, these five elements of nature viz. Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire exists in our body too. Like nature, imbalance of any of these elements of nature in our body too leads to the destruction our health or life. Let us examine in detail, how these elements function in our body.

Air occupies first place in our body. No living being can imagine surviving without the presence of air. Perform breathing exercises of Yoga called “Pranayama” every day under the guidance of an able instructor. "Pranayama" gives ample exercise to your lungs and keep them healthy. Today our breathing is too shallow and too quick. We are not taking in sufficient oxygen and we are not eliminating adequate toxics.

Breathing is the only technique to supply oxygen to our bodies and its various organs. Oxygen is vital for our survival and it purifies the blood stream, removes waste products and toxins from the body. It (oxygen) is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. So deep and long breathing is the secret of vitality and rejuvenation.

The second vital element of nature in our body is Water. Water occupies 68% space in our body in different fluid forms. When the body is put to work, its water level is reduced. You need to refill the required amount of water to keep yourself healthy. Our body informs us about the need for water by different means. 99% of us do not understand its indication until our throat gets dry.

Do not drink water just before eating food, while eating food and immediately after eating food. Drink as much of water as you can after two hours and before half an hour of eating food.

Third important element of nature in our body is Earth. Here earth is referred to our food from soil. The earth provides us the food to survive. Take all the nutritious and healthy food on this planet, which comes out of soil.

The fourth important element of nature in our body is Space or Vacuum. You need vacuum for everything in our body. You need vacuum to eat food, transfer food to bloodstream and others. Naturopathy suggests eating less and living healthy. You may wonder how? Well… the logic is simple. Identify that food which contains more proteins, vitamins, minerals and other enzymes and eat them in less number.

Fire is the fifth and final element of nature in our body. Fire refers to energy or strength. We need the fire power to work and stay fit. The absence of fire in our body leads to ill health. Physical activity of our body is a must to gain strength. It can be done either by way of exercises or by any other work which involves physical activity.

As long as a human maintains equilibrium of these five elements of nature in his body, they remain safe and healthy. Plan to balance these elements and enjoy life.

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