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A good family movie with less scenes to skip. Director Vijay has proven that "Madarasapattinam" is not a fluke and he is having the right skills to be around in the industry.

Rating:*** [3 Star out of 5]
Theme: Child custody conflict.
Audience: Family (Age 8+)
* Clean entertainer with less embarassing scenes.
* Good role for Anushka (comparing with 'Vaanam') and Amla paul.
* GV Prakash's music composition, Camera.
* Vikram's role feels repetitive for Tamil movies. It is so-so.
* Slow screen play till the first half. Many scenes at the bakery is not useful for the core story. The pace picks up after the flashback.

Watch this movie, if you have time, in a theatre or on an official DVD.

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