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Divine Love ...
Short story based on Greek mythology

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Orpheus and Euridyce, the married couple, did not know how far they would have traveled from their home. They never thought that such a storm will come amidst their happy married life. Who would have thought that Aristaeus, the god of land and agriculture, will become fond of Euridyce. Human vs God? How can a human survive against the power of a god? The only solution Orpheus and Euridyce could come up was to run away from the place and hide somewhere.

They have now walked continuously for more than 72 hours and are completely exhausted both mentally and physically. Both of them were looking back at periodic intervals to ensure that Aristaeus or one of his helpers is not following them. One good part is that Aristaeus does not have the super powers like other god to travel wherever he wants instantly. He has to follow through the same land route like any other human if he has to find them.

There are no real paths in the way they were walking. The way is rocky, thorny, uneven and littered with leaves and small insects. As they attempted to cross a big rock, Euridyce fell and blood started oozing out of her feet. Orepheus was very concerned. He made Euridyce to sit comfortably on the rock so that he can examine the feet. The hard rock has scraped the skin on her feet. Euridyce was holding her leg in pain and Orepheus did not know what to do. He took a small rag out of his shoulder pouch and made a band around her legs.

"Are you feeling better?", Orepheus asked.

"Yes", replied Euridyce. "Can we take a little break before we continue our journey?", queried Euridyce with a face reflecting her pain.

"Sure", Orepheus said. "But, do you mind if we can move closer to that creek?", asked Orepheus pointing to a creek 10 to 15 yards away.

"Fine", agreed Euridyce.

Orepheus helped her to walk along in one leg while holding him. As they reached closer to the creek they looked around and picked a tree which can provide some shade for them. After making Euridyce comfortable under the tree, Orepheus trekked downhill to fetch some water to drink. The water in the creek was very clear and clean. He picked some water and came back up to the resting place. Euridyce was half asleep. Orepheus was wondering whether to wake her up or allow her to rest. But he decided to wake her up as he was afraid that she may be dehydrated with the long walk and the loss of blood.

"Euridyce", Orepheus whispered softly. When Euridyce open her eyes Orepheus handed over the water he fetched from the creek. Euridyce took the water and went to sleep again. Orepheus stayed awake to ensure that he is alert for any threats that could come from Aristaeus.

The wind was breezing softly. The leaves and trees were dancing with the breeze. The creek's flowing sound was providing a perfect background for the bird's squeaks. It was a perfect lullaby in a wild and strange place. Orpheus could not stop admiring the beauty of the nature. What he could not understand is the unfairness with which this world is treating him. Are the other gods watching this? In what way it is fair for a god to desire a human? With their extraordinaty powers, are they not supposed to be noble, divine and helpful to the humans?

Not sure how long he was thinking about various things, he suddenly woke up when he sensed something moving over him. He could not believe himself, unconsciously he has slept for some hours. When he looked around he saw a swarm of snakes around them. Orepheus was terrified. His first reaction was to check on Euridyce. He ran towards her and pushed away the snakes crawling over her, picked her up in his hands and started running away from the tree shade towards the creek. The world appeared to be closing on him.

He laid her down near the creek and sprinkled water on her face from the creek.

Once, twice, thrice, more.. more... There was absolutely no reaction from Euridyce. Euridyce is D..E..A..D.

The whole world came crashing on him. They escaped from the evil god and killed by a snake? Orepheus could not control his emotions, he cried out louder and louder. He looked at the beautiful Euridyce smiling even when she is lifeless.

"How is this fair? Are the gods are present to help living beings or not? If living things are rewarded for good and bad, what bad things did we do? Why should good living souls should go through such fate?", Orepheus was uncontrollable, angry and depressed all at the same time.

Orepheus started praying to all the gods. A prayer appealing to give his Euridyce back. He whole heartedly believed that the good gods are going to intervene and help him. He continuously prayed and sang to gods, all through the day, the dusk, the night.

All the gods noticed his prayer and agreed with the unfairness that has happened in his life. After 3 days the gods showed up for him and said, "Orepheus, please appeal to Hades, the god of death, and he is the only one who can help you. Also he lives underworld so go meet him by taking Euridyce with you."

Orepheus became hopeful and traveled down to the underworld taking Euridyce with him. Once reaching the underworld, he prayed to Hades to reverse Euridyce's death.

Hades relented to Orepheus with one condition.

"Orepheus, Euridyce will be following you as you walk towards the upper world. During your journey to upper world you should never turn back to see whether Euridyce is following you or not.", said Hades.

Orepheus was delighted with the god's kindness. He readily agreed and thanked the god for giving his Euridyce back. At least his trust on god was restored.

Both Orepheus and Eruidyce started their journey back to the upper world. Orpehus was leading and Euridyce was following him. Orepheus' mind was wandering all over. He could not believe what happened. They ran away from Aristaeus but he had to fight for Euridyce's life from Hades. Now, what next? What will happen when they reach the upper world? Due to all these prayers and songs, could Aristaeus might have found their location? Will there be a reprieve from Aristaeus for these simple humans?

"Orepheus"a call from behind interrupted his thoughts.

Orephus t.u.r.n.e.d back forgetting that he should not until he reaches the upper world.

Euridyce who was following him so long V.A.N.I.S.H.E.D instantly.

Orephus F.R.O.Z.E.


Finding the perfect person ...

You come to love not by finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
~Sam Keen

* The characters, settings and happenings are fiction only.