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Tamil Song picks: All about Dreams: Dream theme
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Here is our list of songs with dream theme or songs with dream in their lyrics. This list is pruned from a list of 118 songs (yes!). Here you go for your leisure time watching and listening!

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Album: Inidhu Inidhu
Song: Kodi Kanavu Kannil ...

Mickey J Meyer, another introduction to Tamil movie industry from Tollywood, will stun you with this composition. Well composed, well sung by Naren.

Kodi Kanavu Kannil theriyum ...
[Eyes will see crores of dreams .. ]

Album: Ullam Ketkume
Song: Kanavugal Periya Kanavugal Kana ...

If your eyes had not learnt to dream then time to teach it :-) Listen to this song and its lyric!

"Kanavugal Periya Kanavugal Kaana
Kannukku Sollikodu Nanba
Sir Abdul Kalam Mun Mozhindhadhu Poala
Kanavugal Kaanboam Nanba
Paayum Nadhigalai Inaippoam
Paalaivanathil Nel Aruppoam
Ulla Lae Lae… Ulla Lae Lae Lae (2)"

A nice Harris Jeyaraj's composition. Not a great quality video :-( but the song will leave you humming - especially the chorus.

Album: April Mathathil
Song: Kanvugal pookum ...

Yes, Januaray is the month when many people dream to accomplish few things before the year end a.k.a resolutions!

Nice lyric by Na.Muthukumar and good composition by Yuvan Shankar Raja!

Album: Ilaignan
Song: Imai thoothane, Imai thoothane ...

A very nice composition by Vidyasagar. The orchestration reflects the music style of British period.

The lyrics are well written. Pa. Vijay has used the word 'kalam' wonderfully in the song. Don't forget, he is the hero for this film and probably he took extra care in the song lyrics.

"Imai thoothane, Imai thoothane ...
en vizhiyil kana kalam ... "


Album: Pandavar Bhoomi
Song: Avaravar Vazhkaiyil ...

"Avar avar vazhkaiyil ayiram ayiram matrangal
antha ninaivugal nenjinil thirumbida thirumbida ekkangal
athu oru azhagiya nila kalam
kanavinil thinam thinam ula pogum nilavugal sernthu bhoomiyil vazhtha porkalam ... "

Snehan's excellent lyric for Bharadwaj's beautiful voice and composition. What kind of thoughts are strolling in your dreams?

Album: Kireedam
Song: Kanavellam Nadakkuthe ...

How do you feel if your dream becomes true? Here is a song composed by GV Prakash written by Na.Muthukumar which describes the same.


Album: Amaravathi
Song: Aha Kanavuthan ...

"Aha.. kanave thana, Aha.. Nijame thana"
[Aha.. Is it a dream, (Or)
Aha.. Is it real?]

A beautiful melody composed by Balabharathi. Watch the young Ajith :-) and nice choreography!

Album: Avalukendru Oru manam
Song: Ayiram Ninaivu, Ayiram Kanavu ...

"Thousands of thoughts, thousands of dreams ..."

Wow! Notice real energy and involvement in the singer's (SPB) voice. Upcoming singers should take notice. Gemini Ganesan has done justice in reflecting the energy on the video.

Album: Samanthi Poo
Song: Kanavugale Oorkolam ...

A melody from a composer you would not have expected - Malaysia Vasudevan - yes, our famous singer! Nice song! Does it have Ilaiyaraja's influence ;-)

"kanavugale oorkolam enge
kavithayai thedum raagam inge"

[Dreams, where is your parade?
Here is a poem looking for its tune (raaga)]

Album: Dhanam
Song: Ilamai kanavugal ...

A song with a fast beat from Ilaiyaraja. Nice orchestration.

"Ilamai kanavugal, vizhiyil mithakuthu,
Ithaya paravaigal, siragu virikuthu"

[youthful dreams are floating in eyes,
birdy hearts are spreading its wings]


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