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Motivation and Dream

Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.

~ Unknown


Reader's feedback on Dec "Looking back at 2010" Issue

  • Excellent issue, very informative and good summary!
  • Nice to know the "2010 words of the year".
  • Very good summary in "2010 Top stories in healthcare - Part I & Part II".
  • Good English song picks.
  • Looking forward to "Missing" part 3.
  • "Neighbor, Is there a problem" is really funny in "Seriously Funny" section.
  • A different thought - "Award winning corn"- in the "Surfboard" section!
  • 2010 Tamil song picks and movie recommendations were useful. Thank you for the Jukebox - it is very convenient!
  • It was funny to know about the missed birthday on "Readers feedback" section.

Watch the Trailer of Movie: Inception | Stealing ideas from a dream

How will it be if you can get into someone's dream and steal his/her thoughts? This movie which is based on the idea of stealing thoughts from another person's dream is one of the most anticipated movie in 2010. If you can follow through the story of dream within a dream, the levels of dream and the various characters fighting in the dream you should give a try. Else, you can watch it for the stunning graphics and the action sequences. This movie is speculated to win a nomiation for Oscar under the Best picture category! So don't miss.

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