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Are you a dreamer?

Do you know the scientific interpretation for your dream?

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Dreams have been with us as long as we could review our history. The first record of a dream can be found in "Epic of Gilgamesh", one of the Sumerian king, who has recorded his dreams in this epic. No one could verify whether he is a myth or a truth but his work is available as clay tablets in a museum library.

Dreams were given more importance in ancient days than now. During ancient days dreams were considered to be a message from god or god like power about the future. Every recorded civilization had a dictionary of dreams which related a type of dream to an upcoming good or bad events. But all dreams were not treated equally in olden days. The dreams by King and courtiers were treated separately from the dreams of the common man. So the dictionaries were different for different class of society.

Dreams carried so much respect in olden days that in Greek civilization, people believed that sick people can find the reason for their sickness or remedy for their sickness from Aesculapius (the Medicine god) by inviting him into their dreams by performing rituals. These dreams are treated with great respect that physicians followed it through.

In this moden age people have less time to dream or attach less importance to their dreams. Studies show that the following are the most common dreams people have reported. See whether you experience one of them and read scientific interpretation of these dreams. It is fun!


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Are you being chased by some one (human) or something (animal) in your dream?


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Do you dream as falling from the sky or sinking in water?

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Do you dream as being lost or trapped in a familiar place or a new place?


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Do you dream as missing a bus or a train or a boat?



Do you dream as someone closer to you is becoming ill or dying?


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Is everything in your dream happening in a slow motion?


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Do you dream as your teeth is falling off?

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