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Sorry, there is no 30th December in our 2011 calendar ...

Samoan government decided to drop 30th December from their calendar this year. This means Samoans going to bed on Thursday 29th will wake up to Saturday 31st Dec 2011. If you had your birthday on 30th December either you should celebrate on 31st Dec or wait for another year to celebrate :-)

So, why this drastic rule? Samoan government feels that the artificial international date line is not helping their economy. Even though the sunrise happens at the same time, Samoa is behind with their major economic partners - Australia and Newzealand. Samoa is having Sunday while Australia and Newzealand is having their Monday and the same goes for weekend. By making this switch the country will follow the same calendar like their economic partners. Make sense right?

With the economy becoming global is it time to revisit the artificial timezones and datelines with that perspective?

Recipe Spot: Classic American Pie

You are familiar with the proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Apple is known for its rich mineral and vitamin content and is used to treat anaemia, dysentry, eye disorders and kidney stones. Recent studies are finding that apple can be used to cure some of the modern diseases such as Alzheimer, Type 2 diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Prostate Cancer and Asthma. Here is a recipe to incorporate this healthy fruit into your family menu.


Reader's feedback on Nov Special "Thanks" Edition

    Thank you for sharing the thanks in various languages.
  • 16 packs of sugar? Good awareness about Sugary drinks.
  • Do you speak english? LOL, nice.
  • Nice picks for Tamil and English songs.
  • Thoughtful tamil poems - Nanri and Sugamana Urakkam.
  • Timely reminder - Christmas Fruit Cake.

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