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Yes, this happened in 2011 !

Year end quiz ...


So, how much you stay tune to the happenings around you? With the year ending, it is a good time to test yourself with the 2011 happenings. Have fun!

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In 2011, which of the following basket ball (NBA) celebrity changed his last name to "world peace" ?

a. Dennis Rodman
b. Charles Barkley
c. Ron Artest
d. Chris Webber

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Saying "Cheese" during a photo shoot is old fashion now. Become familiar with the new poses for future photo shooting. Are you up to speed? Do you know what the following means?

a. Planking
b. Batting
c. Owling
d. Fridging

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Guess whether the following statements are true or false.

a. Traumatic brain injury leads to head ache.
b. Relaxing (such as watching TV) can make you fatter.
c. False statements by witnesses can lead to Judgement errors.
d. Opening bars longer into the night can lead to more violence.

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Are you an Astrology believer? How many Zodiac signs are followed in Astrology?

a. 7
b. 9
c. 12
d. 13

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Who said indecent dressing is given a blind eye? Which town slaps a fine on men for wearing sagging pants?

a. New York, NY
b. Albany, Ga
c. Washington, D.C
d. Los Angeles, CA