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Fall 2016

Take Five!

In this edition

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Take Five !

How many friends do you have in your Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn and other social networks? Is it in ones or tens or hundreds or thousands? Do you stay up to date with all of them? A survey conducted by Robin Dunbar, Professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford University, found that irrespective of the number of connections, people maintain meaningful relationships with only a maximum of 150 people. This is the "Dunbar number" he theorized in 1990. Dunbar discovered a correlation between an animal's neocortex size (part of the brain which processes language and conscious thought) to its social group size. Based on human's neocortex size he computed that humans can only keep a maximum of ... more

Right now, US Presidential election campaign is at full steam. A recent survey found that 52% of Americans have expressed small to significant stress due to the upcoming election. This is not a huge surprise as this election will be remembered for a long time for its controversies, allegations, counter-allegations and unconventional campaigns. ... more

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In this edition, we have picked contents on 'Take Five' theme with funny quotes from election candidates. Now, read, enjoy and share the magazine with your network !

As always, we are very confident that you will enjoy our picks. Write your feedback about this issue. We value your opinion, thoughts and time.

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